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COMPUTER BRAIN is a leading Software Outsourcing Company with hight certification standards..

COMPUTER BRAIN provides high quality Software Development Services, Custom Web Development, Outsourced Product Development, eCommerce and many Application Solutions to help your business exceed its technological expectations. COMPUTER BRAIN has deep domain expertise along with strong technical skills on VB.NET, VBA Microsoft Access, PHP, and much more.. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to provide timely and cost-effective integrated technology solutions. COMPUTER BRAIN mission is to maximize the return on customers' technology investment. To achieve this, we develop, deploy, and host customized, scalable technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers' existing environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that almost all our customers have experienced a faster time-to-market and an attractively low total cost of ownership.

Software Development
Development of software to fit your needs. Considering the requirements of your company
Custom Web Development
Web design attractive, modern marketing oriented. We include web design database architecture, authentication systems.
Outsourced Product Development
Our approach to quality is available to corporationís worldwide using software products or platforms to help them meet the needs of their customers, improve customer satisfaction, and help generate increased revenues.
Microsoft Access applications
At Cbrain, Inc. we can help you "Discover the power of your data!" through reporting, custom software and data collection. Your business is unique, and so should your software. Applications
.NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common functionality for those applications to run.
Support 24 x 365
True 24/7 all-year-round technical help desk services may seem a pipedream for your business, but with CBRAIN Technologies, you can quickly partner with us to provide live professional support when your customers and users need it most.
  • Reduce operating and capital costs dramatically.
  • Seek proficient resources unavailable in-house.
  • Gain direct access to world-class software professional skills.
  • Put projects on a fast track to completion otherwise not possible due to internal technical or staff limitations.
  • Leverage the time zone differences, and reap the benefits of round-the-clock support.
  • Enjoy adequate quality expertise on call for a large variety of systems and software requirements.
  • Leverage scope for hiring out higher volumes of work on your discretion.
  • Spread the risks involved in development.
  • Release non-capital resources for core competencies.